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From humble beginnings, Hot Doug's grew to be a culinary and cultural icon. This modest home of encased meats and old-school kitsch pioneered casual gourmet food with uniquely delicious sausages and a casual vibe. An approach now often emulated, proprietor Doug Sohn was visionary with his endeavour.


Doug's mix of food, style, and personality caught the eyes and taste buds of chefs and locals alike. With shout-outs in print, radio, and television, the business boomed. Hot Doug’s became known far and wide, and Doug became an iconoclast. There's only one Doug Sohn, and no one quite does it like him.


Hot Doug's drew people from all over the world and had people lining up for hours in the best and worst of Chicago weather. It drew praise and visits from some of the world’s top chefs. All the while, Doug kept doing things the same way. He didn't change, he didn't sell out. He was at the counter taking orders from open to close. All day, every day. If you placed an order, you talked to Doug—you talked to Hot Doug.


To many, the longs lines, high praise, and general mania surrounding Hot Doug's were ridiculous. To others, they couldn't manage life without it. Is it 'just a hot dog' as the nay-sayers claimed, or was it a groundbreaking masterpiece of culinary delight worthy of a tattoo on one's body?


Hot Doug’s: the Movie is a slice of life, a look into this unique Chicago culinary and cultural institution. We get a glimpse at the people who worked there, the customers who loved it so, and Doug, the man whose vision, personality, and taste defies conventional wisdom in all the best ways.