If there are no two finer words in the English language than, "Encased Meats," perhaps there are no three finer words than, "Hot Doug's documentary."


Directed by Emmy-award winner Christopher Markos and produced by Nicholas Markos, this movie was made with love and care. It features interviews with Doug Sohn, chef Homaro Cantu, writer Dan Sinker, and recording engineer Steve Albini, as well as snippets from the employees and customers.





Hot Doug’s: The Movie - Chicago Premiere a great success!


Hot Doug’s: The Movie, a documentary about the closing of Chicago restaurant Hot Doug’s, premiered on 21 June 2017 at the Davis Theater in Chicago. The film explores the phenomenal reaction to the shuttering of the famous encased-meats emporium.


A lively Q&A with Doug “Hot Doug” Sohn and director Christopher Markos followed the screenings where they took questions from press and fans alike.


“I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the film for the first time with such a great crowd. That's right, I had never seen it before. Not only did I think it was beautifully made, but it really brought me back to that place and time," said Sohn. “Plus, I’m glad they we able to get Julia Roberts to play the part of me.”


Markos said, “We wanted Doug’s first viewing to be at the public event, so he could experience it with an audience and they could all share the experience. The reaction we got from Doug and so many others makes the time and effort worthwhile. I think it captures the feeling of the restaurant and it's special culture. It gives people a window into what made the restaurant and the whole atmosphere unique."


The film features interviews with Sohn, the staff of Hot Doug’s, and fans with Hot Doug’s tattoos on various body parts. It also reveals behind-the-scenes footage of the final days of the restaurant, including the last-ever customer.


About the Director:

Christopher Markos has a long list of accomplishments. His cinematography on Paraiso helped that film land the Tribeca film fest award for Best Documentary Short; and he has an Emmy award for best Main Title Design for the Showtime series “Huff”. He also directed videos for the Obama 2012 campaign (including a video starring Will Ferrell that garnered over 5,000,000 views), and the Cards Against Humanity “Holiday Hole” livestream last Thanksgiving. Markos said, “I’m excited to show the movie to Doug and to a hometown audience. .”


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